Year after year, AZ Starz has been improving on the national landscape and the growth of our teams has been recognized by club directors and event operators around the country. Our inaugural class of 2021s laid a foundation that our High School teams strive for and is evidenced by the number of our players also competing on National Teams (i.e West Coast Starz). Each day our players come to learn from the best coaching staff in the state to develop their lacrosse game. Most importantly, they are learning life lessons, how to become leaders within their community, and the benefits of teamwork.


The youth program at AZ Starz is the lifeblood of the program.  Their infectious laughters and smiles set the tone each day we touch the field but most importantly, they live by our GUIDELINES - ATTITUDE AND EFFORT!  We keep it fun, but very rewarding, knowing that we are laying the foundation for learning lacrosse and making decisions on their own as they grow.